What’s Going On?

Use this calendar to help plan your Jamboree journey. Keep updated with pages from Time to Plan and events held by the Jamboree Management Team.

Allow 18 at least months – The timeline for preparing to go to a Jamboree needs to be about 18 months.  The prime driver is the fundraising and 12 months or less is simply not enough time to allow the project to proceed with minimal stress for the team involved.

Everyone gets a copy – Get parents and leaders, including the Patrol Leaders, involved in creating the timeline.  The better they understand it and take ownership of it, the more committed they will be to the project.

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Time to Budget
Jul 15 @ 10:00 pm

Time to start work on a budget if you have not already. Estimates will do.

The approach to funding trips to a jamboree varies considerably from Troop to Troop. Some parents opt to fund the cost themselves where they find they do not have the time to commit to fundraising.

Other Troops choose to fundraise, nearly always achieve the goal and while doing so, the parents, leaders and Scouts tend to become friends and more supportive of the Troop. This also provides a great recruitment opportunity and encourages retention in the Troop.

The Time To Plan document contains more details and examples.

Jamboree Posters Sent to Groups
Jul 20 all-day

Jamboree Posters sent out to every Scout Group in the country.


Didn’t get yours?
Email communications@jamboree.scouts.nz


Release of Video #2
Aug 6 all-day

Video #2 is released! Can you crack the code?