What’s Going On?

Use this calendar to help plan your Jamboree journey. Keep updated with pages from Time to Plan and events held by the Jamboree Management Team.

Allow 18 at least months – The timeline for preparing to go to a Jamboree needs to be about 18 months.  The prime driver is the fundraising and 12 months or less is simply not enough time to allow the project to proceed with minimal stress for the team involved.

Everyone gets a copy – Get parents and leaders, including the Patrol Leaders, involved in creating the timeline.  The better they understand it and take ownership of it, the more committed they will be to the project.

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Release of Video #2
Aug 6 all-day

Video #2 is released! Can you crack the code?

Play Race to Jamboree
Aug 22 all-day

Jamboree is an in-tents marathon!


Play our Jamboree Game


What’s your highscore?

16 Months To Go – Decision Time!
Aug 28 @ 10:00 pm

The big decisions are best made early so the smaller details do not hold you back.

It is time to:

  • Ask for tentative registrations as an indication of numbers
  • Decide who could be your Troop Leader
  • Work with the Zone Scout Leader to merge Troops in the Zone to optimise transport and fundraising opportunities for the Jamboree Troops, or to merge with Troops in another island to save the movement of the heavy gear
  • Determine how the funds are going to be raised
  • Determine how the Jamboree Troop will travel to the Jamboree and home again
  • Check what gear is available from within the Zone before making grant applications to source gear

The Time to Plan document has many useful details for help with funding and budgets, travel plans, equipment needs, and more.