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Consumables | 22nd New Zealand Scout Jamboree



The things we forget

Consumables are generally the things we forget and have to go town for.  The following lists may help make the camp experience more enjoyable.

Here is a list of a few health-related items you will need:

Sunscreen Several pump pots of SPF30+ to be kept in the dining room.
Hand sanitizer Several pump pots in the dining room, and at the gate for when the Scouts and visitors come on site.
Liquid soap Placed at the gateway along with a water container so that people can wash their hands on the way back from the toilet.  Also placed in the dining room and the entrance to the kitchen.
Detergent For washing the dishes, bench tops and tables etc.
After sun lotion In case of sun burn.

 Here is a list of a few food related items you might need:

Condiments Salt, pepper, oil, sugar, curry powder, mustard (for leaders).
Flour Just in case.
Baking Powder For a batch of scones perhaps?
Vinegar For sweet and sour, or wasp stings.
Sauces Packets of sauces just in case, plus tomato sauce.
Packets of soup For someone who is cold, or has low blood sugar, etc.
Ice For chilly bins and injuries.
Containers A range of plastic airtight containers for storage.

 Here is a list of a few more items you will need:

First aid kit A good quality troop sized kit to cover the cuts, scratches, splinters, bruises, burns and headaches that occur every day.  Follow up with St John on site as required.
Tea towels or chux cloths For the kitchen
Cups Enough cups for every one (if using disposable plates).
Cutlery Enough for everyone (if using disposable plates).
Disposable plates Consider using these as it reduces the risk of stomach illness by a huge margin but unless stacked after each meal they will require more rubbish bags to get rid of them.
Cleaning cloths Chux or similar.
Pan scourers Goldilocks, steelo or similar pads.