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Select a Jamboree Team | 22nd New Zealand Scout Jamboree

Groups considering going to the Jamboree should by now have arranged a team of parents and committee to see that is possible.

* Hold a parent meeting to promote the proposal. Include those Cubs parents who will be eligible to attend in 2019.

* Follow up by promoting the Jamboree to the Scouts

Preparing to take a Scout Troop or combining several Scout Troops to go to a Jamboree takes considerable planning. It’s usually well within the capability of a Scout Group to mount such a project and a project it is. But it does need some serious planning and organisation if the outcome is to be memorable for the good times rather than any issues that arose.

Smart Groups will carefully select who is to lead the project and provide them with the backup skills needed to assemble a successful, positive and dynamic team that is able to meet challenges and overcome them.

The Jamboree Troop Leader doesn’t have to be the Scout Troop Leader. In some cases it is beneficial that it’s not, as the Scout Leader can focus on the weekly Scout programme and keep it at a high standard without distractions in the lead up to the Jamboree.

You will need:

  • Team members
  • Parent helpers
  • Regular meetings

The Time to Plan document has more details.