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Jamboree Troop Leader Applications | 22nd New Zealand Scout Jamboree

Applying to become a Jamboree Troop Leader


Jamboree Troop Leaders are essential to delivering a successful Jamboree and ensuring that Jamboree is one of the highlights of our Scouts scouting lives.

Jamboree Troops are allocated to a Sub Camp and the Jamboree Troop Leader will become part of the Camp Management Team.  They will work with their Camp Leader to ensure all Scouts & Leaders in their Jamboree Troop are well supported in all aspects of Troop management – risk, health and safety, youth and leader welfare, and communication.

The Jamboree organisers are focussed on providing the best possible experience for Scouts and one of the priorities is to have the best Jamboree Troop Leaders to manage the Jamboree Troops.


Leader specifications

Jamboree Troop Leaders should have the following pre-requisites to ensure our Scouts needs are front and centre at the Jamboree:

  • Demonstrates the Scout Law & Promise in behaviour, mentoring to youth and all other people who they will engage with before, during and after the Jamboree.
  • Understands and supports SCOUTS New Zealand’s Youth Development Policy (2017), the Scout Method and the SPICES (encouraging Social, Physical, Intellectual, Character, Emotional and Spiritual growth). Is fully conversant with the SANZ Better Prepared 2025 Strategy.
  • Acknowledges they (and all Leaders and Adult helpers) are there to support scouts through a caring, coaching and mentoring approach to ensure Patrol Leaders and Scouts are empowered to take responsibility for themselves – allowing them to make, and learn from, mistakes in a safe environment
  • Is willing to work with the Camp Leader and the Jamboree Management Team (JMT) to do what it takes to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all Troops. To promote ‘for Scouts by Scouts’, while being supported by the Camp Leader and JMT.
  • Demonstrates effective team leadership, creating and developing a team to ensure progression and succession for Leaders in the team, and able to delegate and motivate.
  • Is able to handle and understand conflict caused by stress, has courage of convictions, communicates well with youth and adults, respects others, and can last the distance.
  • Demonstrates willingness and ability to encourage senior Scouts to be involved in the Troop management.
  • Is prepared to work with, learn lessons from and seek assistance from other Troop Leaders, both experienced and those who are new to this role.

Jamboree Troop Leaders must have the following:

  • Current Scout section warrant and associated Police check undertaken for SCOUTS New Zealand. Note: The Police check undertaken for SCOUTS New Zealand requirement applies all to Leaders and other adults involved in the Jamboree;
  • Current first aid certificate.

Additionally, and ideally, Jamboree Troop Leaders should have the following:

  • Wood Beads and Gilwell Woggle;
  • Prior experience with a Jamboree troop;
  • Participation in a Sandford leadership skills course;
  • Other external, related qualifications and/or skills i.e. Outdoor Leadership.

Approval for appointment as a Jamboree Troop Leader is required from their Zone Scout Leader/Zone Leader.

There will be opportunities for extra Jamboree Troop Leaders to step up to support smaller Troops and international contingents, so even if your Zone already has an approved Jamboree Troop Leader/s, please send in your application.


How to apply

Step 1 – Talk to your Zone Scout Leader (or Zone Leader where there is no Zone Scout Leader) about the role of the Jamboree Troop Leader.

Step 2 – Submit an application to your Zone Scout Leader (or Zone Leader) with the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Email/s
  • Address
  • Mobile/Home phone
  • Warrant number and year of issue
  • Troop/Zone/Region
  • Give examples of how you meet the Jamboree Troop Leader prerequisites and any referees that can be contacted
  • Detail your Scout section experience including relevant training
  • Detail your prior Jamboree experience
  • Outline your focus if you were to be appointed as Jamboree Troop Leader.

If you are a Leader with an already formed Jamboree Troop, please state the name of the Jamboree Troop.

Step 3 – Seek the appropriate approval from your Zone Scout Leader/Zone Leader.  They will then send in applications to the Jamboree Youth Services Director for final approval.