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Hosting an International Patrol | 22nd New Zealand Scout Jamboree

Hosting an International Patrol

SCOUTS New Zealand invites Scouts from other countries in the Asia Pacific region of Scouting to send some of their Scouts to our Jamboree.  The Australians often send 200+ and it’s common for Samoa and the Cook Islands to send Scouts as well.


There are several ways the sub camps handle the hosting. They are:

  1. The visitors attend and camp as a troop if they have approximately 36 Scouts.
  2. The visitors are split into Patrols accompanied by an adult leader and hosted with NZ Troops who have agreed to this.

The benefits of hosting

Troops who host an overseas Patrol of Scouts say it is a great experience and the Patrols soon merge with the host Patrols. The experience becomes seamless and learning about each other’s’ culture is very beneficial and consistent with the aims and values of SCOUTS.


As the host Troop, you will most likely be required to provide a tent, camp stretchers, and dining equipment for any Patrol you host.  Generally the visitors provide everything else.  Remember the leader will need a tent also, and may have to keep passports and other personal items secure.

You need to take the initiative and try and make contact with the people you are hosting, but be prepared because this may not be straight forward.

SCOUTS New Zealand deal with the National Office of each country and not generally with the individual leaders.  In fact, the visitors may not even have been sorted into Patrols a few weeks out from the start of the Jamboree.  So as usual, be prepared and just do your best.  Invariably it will be alright on the day.


Here are three things to be aware of:

  1. The visitors will almost certainly have only met each other for the first time at the airport as they leave their country. They have probably got straight off the plane and onto a bus to the Jamboree. Your Patrols have an advantage in that they have previous camped together and got to know one another.
  2. The Scouts and their leader may be able to cook and would consider helping cook a special meal in their own way for your Scouts to try.
  3. The Australian HQs tend to hold meetings and gatherings for their Scouts, so expect the Patrol to go ‘missing’ periodically and try and work in with the demands placed upon them.