FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will try and answer the common questions

If you have a question not answered below, please check out the JamBuzz content or email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q: Is there a number I can call in an emergency, so I can make contact with the Jamboree between December 29th and January 7th.

A: Yes 0800 JAMBOREE that's (0800 526 267)


Q: Am I eligible for Jamboree?

A: Probably! There are a few criteria for Scouts to achieve before attending Jamboree, check them out here. Better get in quick though, as Jamboree is quickly approaching!


Q: Can we register now

A: Yes! Register on our website now, and make sure everyone else in your Troop has registered too.

*** Australian Scouts and Leaders, please do not use this site for initial registration.  You have your own registration site. Visit https://auscontingenttonz21.com.au/ for more contingent info


Q: I want to come as staff. What jobs are available?

A: There are still lots of jobs available. Register your interest on the website now to be allocated a job soon, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you feel you’ve got a specific skill to contribute.


Q: What happens each day of Jamboree?

A: Lots happen on each day of the Jamboree! The Opening Ceremony kicks off the Jamboree on the 29th December. Some patrols will head straight out to activities on this night. 1st January is the Open Day, Market Day, and Future Scout Day all rolled into one. Troop info for Market Day can befound here. The Jamboree Patrol has an awesome day planned for the 4th January. The Closing Ceremony finishes everything up on the 6th January. All other days are packed full of awesome activities! There will be activities in the evenings too for those who are on site.


Q: I know a Scout attending Jamboree, can I visit them?

A: Yes! The Jamboree site will be open on the 1st of January 2017.


Q: How can I get involved and excited about Jamboree now?

A: There are heaps of ways to get involved starting now! Get your patrol spirit up by designing your Patrol Banner, start thinking about your Troop Gateway – this showcases your Troop site! Get started on Market Day! Can you come up with something everyone wants to spend their Beaver Bucks on? Get a Pre-Jamboree Camp organised and start working together as Patrols and as a Troop. Remember you’ll be spending 10 days (or more!) with these people.


Q: Can I start fundraising now? What’s the cost of the Jamboree?

A: Yes! Start fundraising now, as it means you have more time to get prepared. The fee breakdown is here. You can request a quote letter from the Jamboree Secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Q: We are looking for letter that breaks down the Jamboree Fee for funding?

A: Details are in the Fee Announcement, but you can also request a letter from the Jamboree Secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Q: Is it usual for Scouts from the same troop to stay together.

A: Your Patrol Leaders and Leaders may put you together in different patrols for Jamboree, but still in the same troop.  And you will also get the opportunity to host some International Scouts who could be added to your Patrol.  Sometimes small troops are combined to make the ideal troop of 36 Scouts.

If you have more than 36 Scouts wanting to go to Jamboree, then there are options to split to make 2 Troops and add some International Scouts or another small Troop, or there may be other Troops in your Zone who you could combine with.. This is a great opportunity to meet and greet new Scouts.


Q: My troop has no leaders available for Jamboree, can I still go

A: Yes we are happy to attach Scouts to other troops, where their troop cannot make a full troop or are short or without leaders.  Please complete theregistration and ask your Leaders to put you in touch with another Troop or you may already have friends in another Troop. Your Zone Scout Leader may be able to help you find a Troop to go with.


Q: Do we get to play with guns?

A: Not play, but there will be fully supervised firearms activities at the Pine Valley base where you can learn about and have a go with.


Q: How do we get there?

A: Your Jamboree Troop organising team will arrange transport to get everyone and their gear to Jamboree and there are several options. One of these is the Scout Airlift flying out of Auckland direct to Marlborough Airport, not far from the Jamboree site. Or some Troops are touring there or back with a bus trip, some staying at local Scout Halls on the way.


Q: Will the special diets be catered for this time?

A: The menu for the Jamboree will be published prior to the event which will list the items being supplied for each meal and will note whether the items are DF or GF where possible to give plenty of time for anyone who, for medical reasons, needs anything different to the menu, to arrange for their supplies.  There is a supermarket at the top of the road to the Jamboree site and there will be shuttles at various times into Blenheim where there are more supermarkets.  Chiller space will be made available for each Troop to store special dietary items.

In regards to reimbursement, this will be addressed at the end of Jamboree and will be based on the value of items included in the catering packs that you were unable to eat due to individuals diet requirement. For instance the likes of the cakes and biscuits, toast and bread rolls etc.


Q: Who do I send medical certificates to?

A: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Q: Will we have to provide tents for the overnight bases?

A: Yes, each Troop should plan to provide 2 sets of tents to cater for 2 Patrols and one Leader plus insulation mats.  These are only for overnight sleeping and do not have to cater for a lot of gear.  The Patrols will pitch their tents on arrival at the overnight base and pack them up prior to leaving the base and take them back to the Jamboree site.  The next two Patrols and 1 Leader out may have already left (depending on bus times) so another set will be required. Don't forget to allow for the enough tents to house male and female scouts separately.


Q: I may be visiting the area with my family while my son is at Jamboree, can I stay at the Staff and Family Camp?

A: No, the Staff Camp is for families of Leaders with the Troops and families of Staff Leaders. But there are a number of camping grounds near to Renwick. We will publish a list shortly. But try these links from the locals:

Destination Marlborough - Camping

Marlborough District Council - Camping


Q: We think it's great that you have rostered a day off for leaders, but how can you guarantee this?

A: Here is the index of the rosters. The Jamboree Troops can provide 4 extra Leaders/Parent Helpers to help out with Activities.  These 4 Leaders are in addition to the 6 Leaders who will be solely focussed on the Scouts and the Troop.  The Activity Leaders will be assigned to an activity or could rotate around activities depending on their skills.  This will provide a large number of willing helpers for the activities to ensure they run safely.  If Troops have more than 4 extra Leaders wanting to come, that's just awesome and you will be welcomed as a vital part of the Jamboree, and can stay at the Staff Camp.

So back to the question - the more Activity personnel you bring, the better, and that way we can guarantee that you will have at least one day off. You could use that day to catch up on sleep, catch one of the Adult Programmed activities or, if there is room on the buses, spend a day at Omaka Heritage Centre, or catch the shuttle into Blenheim. Mmmmmmmm, Makana Chocolate Factory.


Q: : Will there be transport available from the ferries or airport?

A: Yes! The Jamboree will have arrangements for Troops to catch a bus from the Ferry Terminals or Airport to the Jamboree Site on the 29th December and return on the 7th January. The cost for this has been included in the Great Scout Airlift price. 

There is a shuttle from the Airport to the Jamboree Site for those who are booked on non Great Scout Airlift planes. 
$3pp inc. GST from Airport to the Jamboree Site one way
$8pp inc. GST from Picton to the Jamboree Site one way

All questions and bookings are to be made through the Transport Manager; Nigel Mclean (Womble) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This facility is also open to individuals ie. staff, YST etc. Payment - Troops and individuals will be invoiced after their bookings have been made and confirmed.


Q: Can I have a container on my troop site?

A: Yes! Shipping Containers that are used for gear transport, will be left on your Troop Sites and be part of your overall allocated area. Containers can arrive onsite from the 16th Dec 2016 – 22nd Dec 2016 inclusive. Troops will not have access to their container until 29th Dec 2016. Containers must be removed from the Jamboree site between Sunday 8th Jan 2017 and Wednesday 11th Jan 2017.