The Jamboree Patrol (JP) is an integral part of the organisation for the 21st New Zealand Scout Jamboree. Building on the success of the Jamboree Patrols at previous New Zealand Jamborees this Jamboree will be the most involved yet and ensure that NZJ21 is truly a Jamboree by Scouts for Scouts. The JP consists of 13 scout and venture aged youth who are active participants in Scouting in the Nelson and Marlborough regions. This JP features a diverse range of individuals and for the first time has representatives from Air, Sea and Land Scouts. They are ably led by the Assistant Youth Services Directors, Nic Clemett and Cody Sage.

Prior to the Jamboree the JP will be working closely with the Jamboree management team to ensure a fun filled and action packed 10 days come December 2016. The JP is directly involved in determining the Jamboree menu and providing feedback and signing off on particular aspects of the Jamboree programme including activities, opening and closing ceremonies and most importantly the Jamboree Patrol Day.

Once at Jamboree the JP take part in all the activities with their patrols during day and at night they lead the patrol leaders council. By running these meetings they are able to get direct feedback from the senior scouts about how they feel Jamboree is going. The JP is then responsible for ensuring that this youth perspective is adequately conveyed to the Jamboree Management Team.

The Jamboree Patrol is absolutely amped about going to the 21st New Zealand Scout Jamboree and can’t wait to see you there. Read on to meet the members of the Jamboree Patrol….

If anyone wants to know more about the Jamboree Patrol feel free to contact the Youth Services Directors via email:
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 Jamboree Patrol

Jamboree Patrol Profiles

Olivia Haddon-Jones
I am 13 years old and I have 3 sisters and a brother. I have been in scouts for two years. People often make that mistake that I’m nice and quiet but sometimes I can be really fun wild and crazy. I am looking forward the Jamboree 2017. It’s going to be awesome!!

Emma Charles
I am 13 years old and am a year 9 at Waimea College. My birthday is the 13th of October. I am a scout at Iron Duke Sea Scouts. I have 3 younger siblings and I am the oldest child. I enjoy playing sports such as running and road cycling. I prefer individual sports although I enjoy both. I chose to come to Jamboree because I went to regatta which was really cool and all the people there told me Jamboree was as well. I joined the Jamboree Patrol because I enjoy leading and it was a great opportunity to be involved in organising a Jamboree!

Sebastian Mataric
I am 13 years old and am from the Riwaka Scouts. I have never been to Jamboree but I am very curious to know what it’s like and how it works. I am very happy to contribute my ideas to the Jamboree Patrol and make it the coolest Jamboree ever!

Joseph Robinson
I am from the Iron Duke Sea Venturers and I am 16 years old. We have some awesome stuff in store for anyone coming to Jamboree; it’s going to be awesome!! If you’re the right age definitely sign up!

Kimberly Price
Everyone calls me Kim. I am 14 years old and a member of the Nativity Scout Group. I enjoying playing hockey and guitar. I go to Marlborough Girls College. I am really excited about Jamboree because you get to meet people from all over New Zealand and some overseas countries. It’s just great fun!!

Molly Leitch
I am 14 years old and am a scout at the Nativity group and I have achieved my gold scout award. I love playing netball and the piano. I am most looking forward to Jamboree because I will be able to meet a bunch of cool people from all over New Zealand.

Jono Poswillo
My nickname is Pozzy and I love playing squash. I am a scout with the Woodbourne Group. I love flying things like planes and helicopters! I am looking forward to Jamboree because it is going to be so much fun!!

Kris Godsall
I have a nickname of Goddy and I enjoy all sorts of sports. I love going really fast on things, especially in cars and on my mountain bike. I’m 13 and I go to Marlborough Boys College. Jamboree is going to be mean as and everyone should definitely sign up and come along!

Ashley Ireland
Hi my name's Ashley, I'm a assistant patrol leaders at Woodbourne Air Scouts and I'm a year 9 at Marlborough Boys College.  I am looking forward to showing you what Marlborough's got to offer.

Adam Currie
I am from Iron Duke Sea Venturers. I’m 16, have go my chief scout award and been in scouting for 8 years. Everyone should come to Jamboree because there is going to be so many cool activities and it will be a really good time. See you there!! J

Amelia Law
My name is Amelia (Allie) Rose Law from Wakefield, Nelson. I am in year nine and attend Garin College. For a sport I play football for the 1st XI school team as a goalie and defence. I first started in Scouting as a Pippin when I was six years old. When I reached Guides, I decided to give Scouts a try instead. I have been a Scout for four years now and follow in a family of Scouting. I have one younger brother who is a Scout in the same troop as myself.  My father is the Wakefield Group Leader, and mum is the Wakefield Pippin and Brownie Leader, who is soon to be a warranted Kea leader. Nana was a Kea Leader for many years and is still involved with the Baden­ Powell Guild.

I enjoy the challenge of being a Scout and the feeling of belonging it gives me. With a personality that does not sit still or stay quiet for long, I am not afraid of taking on leadership. 
Attending the 2012 - 2013 Feilding Jamboree, experiencing the greatest ten days of full on activities and socialising, I thought was hard to top.
Being a part of the Jamboree Patrol is an awesome opportunity and I can’t wait to see the end result. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and growing in my role within the Jamboree Patrol.

Ethan Attridge
Hello I'm from Nativity Scouts in Blenheim. I have achieved my bronze chief scout award in both New Zealand and England.  I think Jamboree will be epic.  It will be cool to see you there.

Ethan Gander
I am 12 years old and I love sports.  Jamboree is a once in a lifetime event for many scouts and I think everyone should sign up so they don't miss out on all the fun!!