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Join the Venturer Staff Team (VST) | 22nd New Zealand Scout Jamboree

Join the Venturer Staff Team (VST)

Clue 1: What is VST?

The Venturer Staff Team (VST) was previously known as the Youth Staff Team (YST). VST gives young people invested in Venturers the chance to volunteer and work at a Scout Jamboree. This can be credited towards volunteer service hours as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Clue 2: How does it work?

The majority of VST members will be placed in Units of up to six people. Units will be assigned roles on a rostered basis, but do not control what jobs they will be doing day to day. These roles are temporary and fill gaps where needed. This means jobs can also change at the last minute. A rostering system ensures VST members get to work across various roles and activities at Jamboree. A small number of VST will be assigned permanent roles prior to Jamboree e.g. Media Team. These roles have been greatly reduced from the previous Jamboree. VST members who are assigned permanent roles will still camp with VST and will be eligible to attend VST activities. While they will be managed on a daily basis by their permanent site, they will still be expected follow VST rules, and will be overseen by VST.

Important Notes:

  1. VST members are attending Jamboree as working volunteers, to support the Jamboree. They should not expect to be involved in activities in the same way as Scouts.
  2. Activities required of the VST are set at a level that would suit youth aged above 16 years of age.
  3. Any person attending Jamboree who is over the age of 18 as at 27 December 2019 will be required to have a Police Check in order to attend. This includes anyone wishing to attend Jamboree as part of VST.

Clue 3: What’s in it for me?

VST members camp together on the Jamboree site and will have an area set aside at Jamboree to hang out in during their down time. The VST also runs activities during Jamboree for its staff. VST members are expected to adhere to DADS rules while attending Jamboree.

VST works well as a team and the Leadership Team work hard to create a positive culture, a unified group, and a strong team identity to be proud of.

Clue 4: For Young People to attend the 22nd New Zealand Jamboree:

  • The Venturer must be an invested Venturer by the 27th December 2019.
  • The Venturer must have completed their Bronze Award
  • The Venturer has paid the appropriate Jamboree fee by the due date.
  • The Venturer must have the approval of their parents or guardians, and Venturer Unit Leader.
  • Anyone attending the Jamboree who is over the age of 18 as at 27th December 2019, must complete and pass a Police Check.