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Promote the Jamboree to the Parents and Scouts | 22nd New Zealand Scout Jamboree

Promote the Jamboree to the Parents and Scouts

Getting started

Someone has to have the idea of attending the Jamboree and the project usually springs from there. The skill in getting the project off the ground is in how you promote the idea. This page offers some suggestions for doing this.

Focus on the parents

You need to have parents ‘on side’ and supporting you either before you sell the idea to the Scouts or at the same time.  If parents are not supporting the project and recognising its worth, any effort trying to convince the Scouts to go is generally wasted.

It will be the parents who chase reluctant Scouts out of bed and off to Fund Raisers.  And it’s the parents who cajole and encourage the Scouts to attend the Jamboree when they have bouts of ‘cold feet’ when the going gets tough.


Here are some tips for helping to get the message across to the parents and get them totally involved in supporting the project.

  • Make up a slide show using photos of the last Jamboree and its activities and show it at the first leaders and parents meeting. Include anecdotes as part of the commentary.
  • Check out the availability of the Jamboree promotional material and use it where appropriate.
  • Maybe hold a second meeting to sell the project to the Scouts.
  • Involve Scouts/Venturers who attended the last Jamboree to come along and ‘sell’ the event to the scouts.
  • Involve the parents in constructing the budget. List the headings and start inserting what you think may be realistic costs. Watch for parents with contacts that may be able to supply the goods cheaper, or who may be able to find a sponsor. Follow up every offer. It helps get the parents involved and understanding the costs.
  • Initiate a discussion about how the funding will be provided. By the parents? Or by fundraising? If by fundraising will the funds be pooled or credited against an account for each Scout and Leader. Agree on how any surplus will be dealt with.
  • Schedule some dates for parent meetings where the Troop Leader and committee update them on progress.
  • Make mention of the Jamboree fundraising progress in every issue of the Group Newsletter, or on the group website, or group Facebook page, or better on all.
  • Pass on any newsletters from the Jamboree to the Parents and Scouts. Most of the information will come by way of the Jamboree website and by other means such as Facebook or via email, so set up a Jamboree email circulation list and send out links to the website.
  • Discuss the equipment needed and make sure the parents appreciate the need for it and will help raise the funds needed in addition to the Jamboree fee and travel costs.
  • Encourage some of the parents to consider attending as parent helpers or, with appropriate skills as support staff on programme or other directorates.