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Security and Discipline | 22nd New Zealand Scout Jamboree

Security and Discipline

Site security

The general rule is one adult is on the campsite 24 hours of the day to help ensure the sleeping tents are not entered by unauthorized visitors, and to also be there to greet Scouts who may return to the site unwell or distressed for some reason during the day.


The Troop must have a lock box that people can keep valuables such as passports, cash, licenses, cameras, and phones etc secure. It’s a good idea to keep a supply of Ziploc bags and a permanent marker pen in the box. Use them to put valuables in and write the person’s name on the bag.

Keep a running record of the contents of the lock box separate to and away from the box.


Recent Jamborees have experienced a rash of tagging, minor vandalism and poor cleanliness caused by Scouts, particularly in the showers and toilets.

Through the Patrol Leaders Council, use the Patrol Council to remind Scouts about any unacceptable behaviour and to discuss and enforce any Patrol recommendations. Troop Leaders should be supporting the Patrol Leaders in their efforts to facilitate better Patrol cohesion.

Jamboree Troops should be prepared to take responsibility for cleaning the showers and toilets near their campsite 2 or 3 times during the Jamboree to ensure that these facilities are clean. This will be in addition to contracted cleaning

It’s worth mentioning at this point that a change of clothes every day is a basic health and hygiene practice and the Patrol Leaders, supported by the Troop Leader and the team, are expected to monitor the Scouts to ensure they are doing their washing, having showers, and changing into fresh clothes each day.


Souvenirs can be another word for theft. Please be aware of this.

Groups who have spent a lot of time and effort in preparing signs and flags are not kindly disposed to those who seek to take them.

Similarly, appropriating equipment and signs from activity bases will also invariably involve the Police and could spoil your whole Jamboree.

Behaviour standard

The standard of behaviour required for all Jamboree attendees is the Scout Promise and Law. Troop Leaders and Patrol Leaders are asked to make it quite plain to their Scouts that this is the case.

Failure to observe these standards may result in a Troop Leader being directed to send the person home.