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Jamboree Activity Fee | 22nd New Zealand Scout Jamboree

Jamboree Activity Fee

Important information about payment

For Jamboree Troops

The Jamboree Activity fee is $905 for Scouts and $625 for Leaders with Jamboree Troops. 

The total fee for Jamboree Troops will be payable in 2 installments and Jamboree Troops will be invoiced for fees owing by the Troop.  The first installment will be calculated as the number of Scouts and Leaders registered in OLEMS for the Troop by $150 per head.  An invoice for this amount will be sent out early June and will be payable on 15th June.

The final installment will be due on 15th November and will be calculated as the total number of Scouts and Leaders registered in the Troop by $905 per Scout and $625 per Leader, less the amount of the first installment.

The invoices will be emailed to the Jamboree Troop Leader using the email address recorded as the primary email address in OLEMS.  We will also be seeking the name and email address of the Troop Treasurer and they will receive a copy of the invoice.  However, it will be the Troop Leader’s responsibility to ensure the invoice is paid on time.

Please pay only the amounts shown on the invoices.  Any adjustments to the final amount will be calculated just before the Jamboree commences.  If your Troop is paying the fee for staff members (including members of the VST and Host Corps), the amount must be paid separately from the Troop fee amount.  The staff member would have received an invoice and we would expect them to pass the invoice to you or pay it themselves and claim reimbursement.

For Staff (including VST and Host Corps)

The Jamboree Activity fee for Staff is $300. This is everyone who is not part of a Troop, including VST, Host Corps, and Rovers.

Staff will receive an invoice in late May for the deposit amount of $150 which will be payable on 15th June.  The final amount of $150 will be invoiced late October, to be paid by 15th November.

The fees for the 22​nd​ New Zealand Scout Jamboree are:
● Scouts $905
● Leaders in Troops $625
● Staff (inc. VST, Host Corps, Adults) $300

The fees break down as follows:

Programme and Activities$297$52nil
Site Hire and Development$133$122nil
Management and Overheads$236$212$40
Health and Safety$18$18$18

Any questions, please email