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Jamboree Leadership Team Meeting | 22nd New Zealand Scout Jamboree

Jamboree Leadership Team Meeting

Jamboree Director’s Notes – 30 June 2019 – ZOOM

➢ Jamboree preparations are progressing well, particularly in preparing a
programme that fits with the key policies for SCOUTS New Zealand and the new programme to be rolled out at the Jamboree, with the highest possible youth leadership.
➢ Participation levels are approaching “break even”, although there is significant space for more Scouts (to break the “50% barrier”).
➢ Communication to all of those involved is becoming more critical and we are using every available channel. There is a clear plan in place.
➢ While all of those supporting the Jamboree preparation and delivery is a
volunteer, the time has come to step up the level of activity. The Directors and Jamboree Directors will be talking to their teams about this, and there will be more phone calls, ZOOM discussions and face-to-face meetings over the next month or two.
○ Directors also reinforced the need for more communication between
branches/teams – including through email, phone and ZOOM.

Jamboree Patrol
➢ The Jamboree Patrol continues to provide significant leadership in the design and organisation of the Jamboree.
➢ The Jamboree Patrol has continued to have regular ZOOM conferences, supported by Cody and Rosie.
➢ A set of videos is in final production which will showcase the Jamboree Patrol’s work and contribution.

➢ A high level of enthusiasm is building in the development of the programme.
➢ All of the cell commanders are in place which is contributing to building
momentum in programme design and development.
➢ Staff are coming on board, although these staff need to register to ensure we know where they have been assigned.
➢ Contract providers are almost all secured.

Venturer Staff Team
➢ Venturers are offering their service to the Jamboree in significant numbers.
➢ The Jamboree Leadership Team is focused on ensuring that Venturers’
contribution is recognised, while also providing a supportive and safe environment for them.

➢ Registrations are very close to the “break even”.
➢ The focus for the Jamboree Leadership Team is on supporting Zones and Groups to ensure that as many New Zealand Scouts as possible know about and have the opportunity to come to Jamboree.

International Participation
➢ The Jamboree is on track to attract a significant number of international Scouts and Leaders to Jamboree – particularly from Australia and the Pacific Islands, notably Tahiti and New Caledonia.

Troop Leader Weekend – 31 August/ 1 September
➢ The Troop Leader Weekend at the end of August will be lead by the Jamboree Patrol.
➢ The Jamboree Patrol is being supported to help make the weekend successful.
➢ A significant focus for the weekend is ensuring Jamboree Troop Leaders are updated on the approach to the Jamboree that the Jamboree Patrol is leading, are familiar with the Jamboree site and have the tools to help their Scouts get the most from the Jamboree experience.

➢ At a previous meeting, the Jamboree Leadership Team committed to a
communications approach in the lead up to the Jamboree.
➢ This included providing key updates from each Branch / Directorate on a month by month timetable.
➢ Directors/ Deputy Directors will continue working with their Branch Manager and teams to ensure that these updates are provided in a timely way.

Risk Management
➢ The Jamboree Leadership Team continues to work with the strategic Risks for Jamboree and mitigations/management approaches identified in the Jamboree’s planning phase.
➢ The Jamboree Leadership Team noted that the tools for risk management were now in place, notably electronic risk and management system forms. A commitment was made to put in place a timetable for the implementation of this risk management system in the lead up to the Jamboree, including working through Troop Leaders to ensure that pre- and post-Jamboree risks /hazards were identified and management strategies developed and implemented.