Jamboree Leadership Team Update July 2018

Great progress to deliver the experience of our Scouts scouting lives

We are just over 18 months away from delivering the best experience our Scouts will have in their time in the Scout section.

In the Jamboree Leadership Team’s view, we are making great progress in our Jamboree preparations, including in starting to promote Jamboree to Scouts and thinking about the people we need to join us on the team delivering the Jamboree – Troop Leaders, Team leaders and staff.

This was a key theme in the Jamboree Leadership Team meeting on 29 July 2018.

Site Contract

We are getting very close to finalising the site contract for Mystery Creek.  This might seem to have taken a bit long – after all didn’t we announce the site a while ago?  That’s true.  We were, however, working through some details and ensuring that we have the flexibility to manage and use the site in a way that is flexible enough to meet our needs.

Getting more people on board to support Jamboree preparation

Thanks to each Branch Manager for working through the structures for your teams.  We are working on getting these requirements sorted soon and then up on the website.  We need Branch managers to talk to Directors/Deputy Directors about the requirements for the people you need to support your branches and teams.

We are also making progress in each Zone recruiting Jamboree Troop Leaders.  Zone Scout Leaders/Zone Leaders are working on this and more progress will be made over the next few months.

Programme Development

A personal matter for Christine McCahill, our Programme Branch Manager, has meant that she has had to step down.  I am very grateful that Gary Nelson, Christine’s deputy, has agreed to step into this role.   We are also fortunate that Helen Warriner, Niall Dinning and Hayley Roil are joining a support team for Gary that will maintain the momentum that Christine was building with programme design.

Building up Jamboree promotion

We are getting ready to launch our second promotional video.  Watch out for this in during August.  It is going to be distributed to Zone Scout Leaders/ Zone Leaders first to support promotion to Scouts; and there is mystery buried in the video!

Jamboree poster have also been delivered to every Scout Group in New Zealand as well.  Watch out for these in your local Scout Hall.

Jamboree Budget is taking shape

The finance team is working hard on getting the Jamboree budget together.  This is quite a task given that some costs have already moved quite a bit since the last Jamboree, food for example, and we are adding an extra day to the Jamboree too.

We are also aware that Zones are beginning to think about the cost for their Troops for Jamboree.  We know that overall Jamboree cost, not just the Jamboree fee, impacts on Scout choices about coming to Jamboree.  The Youth Services Directorate will be working with Zone Scout Leaders/ Zone Leaders to ensure that these costs are as affordable as possible.

Next Jamboree Leadership Team Meeting

The JLT will be working with the Jamboree Leadership Team and be joined by the National Scout Leader, Callum Clark, in our face to face meeting on 24 and 25 August 2018 in Hamilton.  This will be our first meeting close to the Jamboree site and we expect to be talking about the development of the programme, the initial menu and progress with developing the Operations Branch.



Yours in Scouting


Jamboree Director


30 July 2018