Managers Appointed and Invested

16 April 2018



The Jamboree Management Team (JMT) for the 22nd New Zealand Scout Jamboree met for the first time on 14 and 15 April 2018.  During the meeting we took a major step by formally appointing and investing the Managers for the Jamboree, along with several Deputy Managers.

Managers and their Deputies will make significant contributions both to the Jamboree design and the infrastructure and support that helps to deliver the Jamboree.

Learn about who the members of the Jamboree Management Team (JMT) are outlined in the attached.

The JMT meeting set milestones to prepare for the Jamboree which will ensure that there is a clear focus on delivering the best experience of our Scouts’ time in the Scout section.

The Branches that each Manager are responsible for will shortly be asking for volunteers to do everything from leading the design and delivery of activities, working out new arrangements to run our Jamboree operations and Jamboree Troop and staff support, through to considering the menu and catering arrangements.  It’s time to start thinking about how you can best support our Scouts to have the most awesome Jamboree ever!

This weekend the new Jamboree website ( went live, along with a promotional video, the first of many.  Watch out for all of this.  The website will have all the information that Scouts, Parents and Leaders need to prepare for the Jamboree.



Guy Beatson

Jamboree Director

22nd New Zealand Scout Jamboree



Jamboree Management Team

Jamboree Director Guy Beatson
Deputy Jamboree Director Kerry Averill
Executive Secretary Vicky Coldicott
Directorate Branch
Infrastructure Services

Director: Kerry Averill

Deputy: Stephen Keatley

Facilities Kevin Cannell
Catering Chris Cox
Risk Nick Kaspers
Logistics Liam Clinton
Youth Services

Director: Wayne Reichel

Deputy: John Morrison

Youth Brian Hallinan
Programme Gary Nelson
Camp Mark Way
Operations Jane Hansen
Operations (Deputy) Kieran Quayle
Jamboree Patrol Cody Sage
Rosie Hampton
Business Services

Director: Terry O’Dea

Deputy: Mandy Merson

Communications Shannon Murray
Registration and Staffing Rachel Shaw
Purchasing Andrew Kenny
Financial Services Brendan Herries