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Time to Plan for your Jamboree Mystery | 22nd New Zealand Scout Jamboree

Time to Plan for your Jamboree Mystery

The Time To Plan document is a guide for all Leaders of a Scout Troop who will be involved with a Jamboree Troop for the 22ndNew Zealand Scout Jamboree.

The information and checklists will provide a time line to enable the organisation of a Jamboree Troop, to form an effective leadership team including who will apply for the important position of Jamboree Troop Leader, mobilise parents, raise funds, enthuse Scouts and assemble the required equipment in a timely and effective manner, then transport everyone and everything to and from the Jamboree.

It is recommended that new Leaders familiarise themselves with previous Jamboree Troop Leaders Handbooks, although each and every Jamboree is slightly different and for the next Jamboree, more information will be publicised to all Leaders as it becomes available.

This document is a revised version of the “Let’s go to a Scout Jamboree” and reflects changes to the organisation of Jamborees since the original document was produced.

This publication contains the following topics: