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Training the Jamboree Patrol Leaders | 22nd New Zealand Scout Jamboree

Training the Jamboree Patrol Leaders

Want to have an easy ride?

The secret is to train, and enthusiastically support, your Patrol Leaders so they understand their role and have the skills to carry it out.

If you are leading a Troop made up of Scouts from two or more Troops you may have to select Patrol leaders from Scouts you don’t know. Take your time and interview them before making a decision.

Selection of Patrol Leaders for Jamboree should be a decision based on their leadership ability, not on whether they are a Leader’s child or they are the eldest in the Troop.


If you can, make it a condition of selection that they have to undertake training at a Scout Sandford Leadership Sklls Course before the appointment as a Jamboree Patrol Leader is confirmed.

Successful selection and training of the Patrol Leaders can make a very positive difference to the enjoyment the leaders and the Scouts get from attending the Jamboree.