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Uniform Items and Badges | 22nd New Zealand Scout Jamboree

Uniform Items and Badges


Formal or official Scout uniforms will be required for travel to and from and also at the Jamboree especially for formal events. Troops are also encouraged to create a ‘Jamboree’ uniform that is suitable for the environment, is cost effective, durable and is ‘wash and wear’.
The most popular uniform choices are polo shirts with a troop scarf to help protect the neck from the sun. Add a full brim hat and then screen print or embroider them with the Troop logo or badge. Each Scout will need three Jamboree uniform shirts.

Scouts may wear short or long trousers appropriate for the weather, and it’s up to the Troop to decide whether or not they are the same colour or design. Check with your parents to see if any of them have screen printing skills, or for that matter, purchasing contacts in the apparel industry.

Scouts who have earned and been presented with the Chief Scout’s Award prior to Jamboree will be able to meet with the Chief Scout. Scouts attending the ‘Chief Scout’s Award’ function at the Jamboree will need to be wearing the official Scout Uniform including black shorts/trousers and shoes, so be prepared and make sure they have it packed. Ask at Sub Camp headquarters for the use of an iron to ensure the uniform is looking the best possible – don’t forget the clean black shorts/trousers and clean black shoes.


Badges and swapping them play a big part in a Jamboree.  Each Troop at a Jamboree is encouraged to design a badge that reflects the origin of the Troop.

You can find the specific Badge Guidelines for this Jamboree here, and the registration form here.

  • The Troop is expected to have adequate badges for sale to their own Scouts who then attempt to swap them with Scouts from other Troops.
  • Allow about 10 badges per Scout so that they can keep one for their own collection and swap the other nine.
  • Note that it often takes 4 months to get the initial design made, approved by the Troop and then produced.
  • A supply of Zone Badges is also needed for swapping purposes. They are purchased from the Zone.
  • Badge swapping is a way to meet and greet other scouts and the scouts should understand that the swap is badge for badge and not dependent on value, size, or any other difference.
  • A Guideline to badges will be produced and sent out to Jamboree Troop Leaders and will recommend quantities and the do’s and don’ts of Jamboree badge production.


An extra clothing item for a Jamboree in the South Island is a lightweight windbreaker. North Island based Scouts generally find it cold in the South Island, particularly at night.

It’s worth noting that Jamborees in the lower North island can be exceptionally windy in poor weather and windbreaker jackets are worth considering for this venue as well.

This should not be a replacement for a waterproof raincoat which is an essential item – with the emphasis being on waterproof.